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Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance

25% of stroke suffers will be under 65

Who do you know that has suffered from a heart attack or cancer in their working life?  No one ever expects it to happen to them, but imagine hearing the news that you have a serious medical condition.  How would you cope financially during the recovery period?  Would the financial stress hinder your progress?  How would your partner cope?  Would they be able to support you during your recovery as well as continue to work?

With advances in medical technology we have a far greater chance of surviving a trauma/critical illness than we have in the past. But are we prepared for the financial consequences of survival

Trauma Cover provides you with a one-off lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed for the first time with one of 38 conditions defined in the policy. You can use this lump sum on whatever you wish – whether this is medical expenses, paying off the mortgage or taking the family on holiday.

How it began The surgeon who assisted the world’s first heart transplant was the one who designed and promoted trauma insurance in 1983. Dr Marius Barnard saw firsthand how modern medicine and surgical procedures were saving patients’ lives but killing them financially during their recovery. He believed that people needed trauma insurance not because they were going to die, but because they were going to live.

3,479 new breast cancer registrations with 647 deaths from the disease in one year

Who claims for trauma?

  • 48 is the average age of claimants
  • The largest claim was for breast cancer and totalled $2,500,000
  • The most common claims are for cancer, stroke and heart conditions

Younger people are having heart attacks which has implications for jobs and family life

Critical Illness (Critical Care, Trauma and Life Care) Claims. Some Interesting Facts:

  • 47% of claims were for females
  • 78% of claims were for cancer
  • 60% of the cancer claims were for breast cancer
  • 53% of claims were for males
  • 48% of claims were for cancer
  • 45% of claims were for heart disease

23 Life Care claims with average payment of $40,388
Average age of claimant was 50.

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