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Income Protection

Income protection insurance

Your greatest asset is your ability to earn an income.

Poor health is stated as the number one reason for working age men in New Zealand not working. 

ACC does not pay out for illnesses such as heart attacks or cancer.  It only pays for accidental injuries. 

So what would happen if you suffered an illness or injury leaving you unable to work?  How long could your family survive?  What would happen if you couldn’t pay the mortgage or rent?  How could you cope with the demands of your condition while under financial stress as well?  

Income Protection is a cover that pays a percentage of your lost income – helping you to maintain your lifestyle and support your family until you are no longer disabled.
*Or to a maximum benefit period as per your policy. 

After one month, 64% of stroke survivors will still have a motor deficit leaving them unable to do everyday tasks.

Who claims for income protection?

  • 46 is the average age of claimants
  • The highest claim paid in total is $2,138,560
  • 60% of claimants are under 50
  • 43% of claimants were off work for at least 6 months

Four out of ten males and six out of ten females are likely to be off work for 30-90 days due to an illness or accident before they turn 65.

What are your options if you don't have income protection insurance?

  • Use sick leave: but would you have enough to cover even a medium term illness lasting a month or more?
  • Use savings: do you have enough and how long would the savings last?
  • Rely on ACC: but this only covers accidents, not illness. Rely on your partner’s income: but is it enough to run a household? Can they hold a full time job and look after you?
  • Borrow money: Who would lend it to you? How would you pay it back?
  • Sell assets: are you willing to lose your home?
  • Rely on the sickness benefit: but could you and your family survive on this? 

Could Your Family Survive On This?

The table above shows the current sickness benefit rates as at 1 October 2008. These are weekly and are after tax.

*Other family related benefits may also be available depending on personal circumstances. Source: Work and Income New Zealand, www.winz.govt.nz

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