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Health Insurance - We Cover Pre Existing Conditions


Financial Advice Provider:

Ensurelife Ltd hold a Transitional Licence. Kyle Arnesen is a Financial Adviser who runs and owns a financial adviser Business Called Ensurelife ltd. Kyle is an
Insurance Adviser

Licencing Status:

Ensurelife has a Transitional Licence
Ensurelife FSP 772151
Kyle Arnesen FSP 279665


80 Queen street Northcote point Auckland 0627 New Zealand

Financial Adviser:

 Kyle Arnesen FSP 279665


 Diploma in Business management


P: 0212836787
E: kyle@ensurelife.co.nz

What we do and Licensing Information

ENSURELIFE specialises in Personal risk protection offering solutions to all your personal risk requirements like Health , Life and Income protection Insurance. We offer these’s services based on Individual , personal or Business needs.

EnsureLife Limited (772151) holds a licence by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice. KYLE ARNESEN ( FSP 279665 ) is authorised by that licence to provide financial advice.


ENSURELIFE only provides Advice in the following areas:
ENSURELIFE only provides financial advice in the following areas:
Employee Benefits Programs; primarily group insurance products provided through employers to staff

  • Personal risk insurance products* for the staff members of group insurance schemes
  • Personal risk insurance products* for individual NZ consumers
  • Business owner protection plans and policies in the areas of share purchase/business succession, securing debt & personal guarantees,
    business overheads protection and key person/locum plans.

*Personal risk insurance products include life insurance, trauma, permanent
disability, income protection and health insurance, and does NOT include General
Insurance product lines (e.g. house, contents, cars, liability policies).


  1. Treat you fairly
  2. Act with integrity
  3. Provide financial advice which is suitable for you
  4. Protect your privacy and confidential information
  5. Maintain the competence and skill to deliver advice in our area of expertise
  6. Maintain the ethical and behavioral standards required by our professional body (My Solutions )in addition to the duties of care required by NZ law. Well…laws (plural) actually. There are quite a few of them that apply to us and we try to make sure we are ahead of all of them.


ENSURELIFE provides advice to clients about there , health , trauma , Income protection , TPD and life Insurance. Our Financial advisers provide financial advice in relation to these financial advice products. We only provide financial advice about products from certain providers:
  • Life/ Trauma/ Income Protection/ TPD we work with Asteron , Partnerslife , Fidelity and AIA.
  • Health Insurance we work with Partnerslife , AIA and NIB
In providing you with Financial Advice we only consider existing term life , trauma , Income protection, TPD and Health Insurance policies ( if any ). We will not provide advice around existing whole of life or endowment products , so you will need to consult a specialist if you would like advice on those products.


There have been no professional indemnity insurance or negligence claims, disputes resolution actions, or disciplinary actions. Ever. This is with both ENSURELIFE and KYLE ARNESEN.


Any remuneration arrangements will be negotiated directly with every potential client before any engagement with that client is agreed to. We may charge fees AND commissions depending upon the scope of the engagement agreed to by a client.
Fees payable directly by the client to ENSURELIFE ltd upon invoice for planning or consultation work may be applicable. Fees are charged for expertise and opinion, not for product placement or “brokering”, unless requested by a client and agreed to by ENSURELIFE Ltd.
An estimate of fees for any particular engagement can always be provided in advance, and if necessary we can agree in advance to a fixed price for an engagement. If fees are to be paid, then

  • The hourly rate charged is $275 (+GST)
  • Terms of payment are payment within 7 days of invoice, with direct credit to the bank account of Ensurelife Ltd.
  • Cash or barter are not accepted as means of payment.

When implementing (or brokering) a group or personal insurance product our preference is to be paid via brokerage, or commission, as this results in no direct fee payable by the client and ENSURELIFE Ltd only receives payment from an insurer if we are successful in placing business which the client is happy with.
The gross amount of commission payable to Ensurelife Ltd on any particular recommendation will be disclosed specifically prior to implementation of any product or plan.
As a general indicator of the range of commissions which may be paid, AdviceNet receives standard commission terms from all insurers (there no preferential terms over and above any other adviser in the market), which are:

  • Group Insurance Products typically up to 20% x the annual premium, continuing to be paid annually
  • Personal Insurance Products typically up to 180% x the first year’s premium paid by a client, with an ongoing commission of 7.5 to 20% of the clients premium.

We have no financial interest in any Insurance company or any other general conflicts of interest in forming a professional opinion or delivering financial advice.
There are no material interests to disclose in the form of incentives , as we do not participate in insurer funded conferences or entertainment as a rule , or sales campaigns or similar incentives.
We will accept an occasional entertainment from insurance companies , however these are immaterial and engender no particular warm feelings towards any particular Insurer.
Should any actual or potential conflict of interest arise during any engagement with a client we will bring that to your notice promptly, and then seek to manage and or avoid that conflict if at all possible. If management or avoidance of a conflict to your
satisfaction is not possible then we will resign from the engagement with and professionally assist you with the appointment of a more suitable adviser.
Conflict Remuneration Note:

  • All fees and commissions are paid to ENSURELIFE ltd
  • ENSURELIFE ltd uses all gross revenue to pay the operating expenses of running a compliant professional business
  • Ensurelife ltd then pays its tax obligations on the net profit after costs.
  • What’s left , if any , is available to KYLE ARNESEN as a shareholder and adviser as personal remuneration.
  • Typically the potential conflicted remuneration for the Financial Adviser ( KYLE ARNESEN ) amounts to between 10-50% of gross revenue in any given year.

What a client pays is not the same as what the Financial Adviser Earns.


What should you do if you are unhappy with something ?
If you have a problem , concern , or complaint about any part of our service or your product performance please contact :
KYLE ARNESEN Director of ENSURELIFE Limited in the first instance so we may try and fix the problem.
E kyle@ensurelife.co.nz
P 0212836787
If your complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved this way , it then becomes a dispute.
The Dispute Resolution process is :

  1. In the event of a dispute you must notify us that the complaint is not resolved and is now a dispute.
  2. We will confirm in writing our internal complaints process , likely timeframes , and our disputes resolution scheme which you can access at any stage should you choose to.
  3. Should we fail to handle the problem to your satisfaction within a reasonable time frame then the product providers themselves have internal complaints handling processes which wish to also access. This means that if we have used a particular product that is connected to the issue at Dispute, you can contact the company that issued that product and have them attempt to resolve the matter as well.
  4. If these options fail to resolve the dispute to your satisfaction , then you may take the matter to the Financial Disputes Resolution Services , of which we are a member. We are bound by the outcome of that process. You can choose to be bound by the outcome but you can also choose to be free to pursue other legal avenues if you wish.

Their services will cost you nothing as we pay for it , and can help you resolve any
You can contact:
Financial Disputes Resolution Services
M info@fdrs.org.nz
T 0508337337
A Level 4 142 Lambton Quay Wellington POB 2272 Wellington 6140


When working with you we will be collecting personal information from you in order to deliver personalised advice which is suitable to you. This is generally personal information regarding age, health , financial situation and your instructions. In accordance with the privacy act 2020 you are entitled to access any such information we collect and hold on you, and also to have noted any corrections to such information. Should you require any information we hold we shell be happy to provide a full copy at our cost, but will always retain original records for legal and compliance requirements. All staff employed by Ensurelife ltd have access to all client files , and in addition to ENSURELIFE ltd staff other parties may access this information as required by law or for the purpose of providing specific advice to you in accordance with your instructions or your agreed scope of service. Those parties may include:
  • Insurers and other product providers whom we are considering for your needs.
  • Market regulators and statutory authorities
  • Professional compliance and audit assessors investigating our compliance and professional standards.
If you have a complaint that is about how we handle your personal information , you can contact of the privacy commissioner: PO Box 10094 The Terrace Wellington 6143 0800 803909 enquiries@privacy.org.nz This is available in addition to utilizing the complaints process of ENSURELIFE ltd.